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Aura Sense has a global vision of becoming the “World Best Color Contact Lens maker”. We are fully aware that such vision can only be realized when we provide the best-quality products and service. All officers and employees of Aura Sense are sharing and implementing its corporate policy aimed at “ Customer Delight Through Top Quality” and “Customer Value Creation Through New Product Development”.

Aura Sense pledges to move forward more vigorously than ever toward the wider world with continuing commitment to customer delight and superior technical skills and to do its best to protect the beautiful and healthy eyes of people worldwide.

For this reason, providing quality service on the website and connecting with its customers was one of the top priorities. I helped the company reach the intended ideals with a special design to meet the needs of the company and the CMS I specially prepared for the company. I also prepared a logo and corporate identity package for Aura Sense with the website.


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Logo Design, Brand Guideline, UI/UX Design, PHP CMS Development

Aura Sense Trading

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